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KDM is Gold Coasts leader in low carb, fresh keto meals. We deliver the highest quality, FRESH Keto meals that are delicious and explode with home-style flavour. Quality, care and freshness - thats the Keto Delivered Meals way. PLUS, we support locals experiencing hardship through the Palm Beach Neighbourhood Centre. Every meal plan you purchase, helps someone in need. That is the Gold Coast spirit!

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A small business owned by Keto lovers!

If you are on the Gold Coast, try our range of delicious, fresh Keto options that are tailored to the specific requirements of Keto eating and fat burning. Science and chef unite to deliver healthy and tasty meals that are designed to have your body metabolising its energy stores - just the way it should be! We are the first to agree that one size does not fit all, so contact us to discuss your goals and let’s find the perfect solution to suit you.

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Our meals are naturally free from sugar, grains or flours (gluten free), free from artificial nasties such as preventatives and full of good protein, fats and vegetables.


Our meals are made with a focus on low carbs. Enjoy up to 3 meals per day plus a snack all while still allowing your body to reach ketosis the natural way.


Choose your weekly meals from over 50 recipes. We continually add new recipes to the menu – our chefs love creating and experimenting in the kitchen… and we love taste testing to ensure only the best ones make it on the menu!


Keto Delivered Meals allow you the convenience of enjoying fresh home-style cooked keto meals and snacks with under 20g of carbs - delivered straight to your door.

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