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Food Facts

1Are you meals made fresh?

YES! WAs a small business ourselves we believe in supporting local produce suppliers and source all vegetables from the Brisbane markets very early in the morning ourselves! Our meat is also sourced through a local butcher to ensure the highest quality of food is used in our meals and minimising waste and unnecessary transport.

Every week your meals and snacks are made fresh the day before we deliver to you to ensure the highest freshness of our meals.

2Can your meals and snacks be frozen?

YES! Well….most of them :-)

Anything that doesn't have fresh salad within the meal can be frozen as we never want to see a meal wasted!

3Do your products contain sugar, gluten, additives or preservatives?

NO! Our products are 100% sugar free, 100% gluten free, 100% additives and preservatives free.

4Are all your meals ‘keto’?

YES! All of our meals follow the principles of a keto diet. We ensure that all meals are under 5g carbs per 100g.

5Where can I find the nutritional information for your meals?

All our nutritional information is contained within the Meal Plans page under each product.


1Do you have a minimum order for delivery?

We have a minimum order of $70 when ordering from our snack range.

2Do I need to sign a contract for your subscription plans?

NO! We no not have any contracts for our subscription meal plans. Once signed up, you have until the cut-off date of Sunday at 5pm to cancel your subscription (before your next payment comes out!). You will not be charged once you have cancelled and will no longer receive any further deliveries.

3When do I need to order by?

We must receive your order by Sunday 5pm to ensure delivery for the following week. If your order is received after this time we may contact you to try to accommodate your order, however it will most likely be rolled over until the following week.

4When do I need to subscribe to receive my meals?

All subscriptions begin when the first payment is deducted on each Wednesday, even if you signed up on the Friday! This allows us, and you, to know when your payments will be deducted and allows you to cancel at anytime before the next payment is deducted. See terms and conditions for further info or just give us a call.

Getting your food

1When and where do you deliver? And how much?

Please check out our delivery page.

2What if the website says you do not deliver to my area?

Hey, we are not trying to exclude you! Just get in touch with our admin team to see if we can accommodate your area. We are continually expanding so you never know!

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